About You

Who comes to see me

The people I work with are everyday people – people like you – who seek help with some aspect of their life. They come to me as individuals, couples, or families. They’re at varied stages of life, from school-age to retired. They come from a wide range of backgrounds and ethnicities, cultures and belief systems. Every client comes with problems that are in some ways familiar and in many ways unique. Each one is a complex individual, with a unique set of experiences and feelings. But they all share one thing: a desire to improve their lives.

Why seek therapy?

People often seek therapy when they’re stressed, disappointed with their lives, or faced with problems that won’t simply disappear. They may come at a time of crisis, or when they’re stuck in their ability to address an ongoing issue. Some people seek therapy because they’ve found it useful in the past and they hope it will be useful again.

Many kinds of problems bring people to therapy. Some of the most common are the ones I discussed on the home page: difficulties in relationships, life transitions, self destructive behaviors, finding your place in a changing world.

But you don’t have to know what’s wrong to benefit from therapy. Sometimes you just feel that something’s not right. Getting to the root of that feeling is a big part of what we do here. Therapy does require a commitment – above all, to yourself. It’s a serious investment of time and money that most people find very worthwhile.

How therapy can help

Psychotherapy is both a process and a relationship. As we talk together, we build a relationship that frees you to express your thoughts and feelings and helps you examine them in a safe and accepting environment.

Therapy gives you an opportunity to get to know yourself better and build on your strengths. You can become less anxious or depressed, more comfortable with yourself and others. You can face problems you’ve been avoiding and learn to cope better not only with a crisis but with the challenges of everyday life.